Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Long But Happy 17

Wow! Shorts-running weather today after the snow covered run attempt yesterday.

The bike trail was filled with runners and bikers, couples out walking, families enjoying our, I mean the, beautiful bike trail. It was nice to have other people around, since it was just me and Pam running. Any diversion helped (except for the two women that passed us going sooooo much faster than we were). Rude!

Once again, hydration was an issue. We ran 4 miles toward Loveland and planned on getting water at the Running Spot. Unfortunately they don't open until 10am, and we got there around 9:45. So we ran another two miles -- actually 2-1/4 because we didn't see the right mark to turn -- and then headed back to the Running Spot that was now open. That means we didn't drink anything for the first 6-1/4 miles. We then had to go another 4 miles to where we had water and gatorade near our cars. Poor Pam started getting really light-headed so we kept the gatorade with us, and tried a new running technique - run for 3-5 min and then walk a minute. It seemed to help Pam out a lot, and it sure made me feel stronger during our running as well. We also had more water hidden, 2-1/2 miles down the road, so that helped too.

The last 2-1/2 miles were so much easier than miles 6-15. Not sure why -- the water, the run/walk method or what. But felt great, and we ended up running 17-1/4 miles. I felt great afterwards. Not stiff or sore at all.

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