Thursday, June 28, 2012

I love marathon training (when the weather is perfect!)

Julie and I did our long run for the week yesterday -- 10 miles.  We had to get it in by then because the weather forecast is stiffling for the next week or so.  It's supposed to be 100+ today and in the 90's after that.  But yesterday morning...oh, it was perfect! 

We met at 7:00 am,  and it was a brisk 58 degrees.  PERFECT.  We ran a 10-mile loop through Landen and around Landen Lake.  It was a really great run.  I felt good, my legs felt good, and I could breathe -- something I found difficult last week when it was so humid.  We had lots to talk about, and the first 4 miles just flew by.  We had water waiting for us in 3 spots, so we were able to keep hydrated too.  I could have easily kept on running.  I needed a run like that after last week's disasters.

I love running with Julie!  She is fun to talk to, and one of my few friends who has the same outlook as I do politcially and spiritually.

Tomorrow we are doing our first hill repeats.  Oddly, I am looking forward to it, even though it will be ungodly hot out.  I just want to get good at hills so the SF marathon doesn't kick us.  We're running the bike trail hill (aka the Miami Bluffs Hill...also known by me as the Killer Hill).  It's hard to make it all the way up to the top.  There is a super steep part that goes on for too long...and when you finally catch your breath, it starts up again. 

So I think the plan is to run up it and run or walk down it 4-6 times.  It's going to be tough. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Training begins...sort of

Our official training started the week of June 10.  As luck would have it, I was in Holden Beach, NC that week, so got to train on the beach!  Life is good! 

My first beach run was challenging, to say the least.  It started out hot and humid, and I was sweating like a (flying) pig!  I made a note to bring a kleenex with me for my next run.  I ran 3 miles, to the end of the island, and then I turned around for the 3 miles back.  While I had been running in the first direction, storms were moving in, so my return run was without the sun, which I was quite thankful for, until the skies opened up and poured down on me.  I ran for almost a mile in the pouring rain -- no where to hide, of course!  When I got back to the house, I was soaked, and everyone wondered why -- the storm passed by the house completely! 

The rest of my runs were a lot better.  Even though I'd prefer to be running with someone, I had some nice runs, including an 8+ run where I just felt great.  I could have kept going!  I was glad to get that run in.  Summer training is going to be hard for me.  I HATE running in the heat.  It's so difficult for me.  I'm hoping we have a cool summer, but that is doubtful! 

The week I got back from vacation was hot and humid.  I ran 5 times and none of the runs were great.  The first was at home, and I managed 6 miles, but not happily.  The second was with Julie at Sharon Woods.   After about 5 miles, we started walking, and just kept on walking...until the last half mile, which was all downhill.  My other runs that week were crappy.  It was hot, I had a hard time breathing, and I just felt like I couldn't run without stopping.  I know the weather will get better, and we will have better runs.  Just waiting for that to happen!

Today it is beautiful, so hopefully our run tomorrow morning will be nice...after that we have several days of high 90's and high  humidity in the forecast.  Ugh!  This will be a challenging summer!