Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pre-Marathon Fun

Wow. So much to tell.

We had a short, last training run on Friday, and then we headed down to the Expo. Always a fun and exciting part of the marathon. We loved the ceramic pigs and piggy balloons. Our team photographer made sure we had pictures to mark the occasion, even if the pigs weren't in them!

We picked up our bibs and timing chips and then spent some time shopping and looking at fun running gear. Julie & Elizabeth bought sporty new hats -- Julie's had FINISHER embroidered on it -- We were sure it would be a self-fulfilling prophecy! We also stocked up on GU, other nutritional snacks, cute piggy ponchos (in anticipation of rain on race day) and then bought Pam's 26.2 magnet -- again, sure she would need it in a few days.

We picked up our official T-shirts, backpacks and posters and spent time admiring all of our goodies.

On Saturday, Julie and I, along with Jeff and John had a great pasta dinner at Bravo's. It was a beautiful day (a beautiful day to run a marathon too!), so we requested outdoor dining. It was so lovely to be outside and enjoy the company of good friends, while enjoying good food. A glass of wine would have made it perfect, but that wouldn't have been smart the day before the big run. (Oh, but it would have tasted so good!)

Before we left, Julie wanted me to go through her backpack to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything :) Shorts-check, Running Bra-check, T-shirt-check, Running Shoes-check, Running Socks-check. She was all set! I grabbed my backpack and toaster (!) and headed toward downtown.

We meandered our way from the Hyatt parking garage to the registration desk...taking longer than we felt necessary, but finally checked in and got the keys to our room - No. 833. Up the escalator, down the hall, and finally to our room. We opened the door, and the first thing we both see is a commercial wet-vac sitting in the entry of our room - we walk in and got accosted by the strong smell of bleach. Upon further inspection of the room, we find wet carpeting and the toilet running. Julie called the front desk, who offered to send up a janitor. No thanks...we want a new room. One that doesn't smell like bleach. We are, after all, running in a marathon the next day.

They finally agreed to move us, and sent up a bellboy with the key to room 1810. We filed back on to the elevator and went up ten floors to our room. Upon walking in, we both said. This is a smoking room. The smell of smoke permeated the room -- this would not due -- we are marathoners after all, and we don't want to inhale smoke all night. :)

I called downstairs...well, by now they were getting to know us -- and explained how room number two was unacceptable as well. After several minutes on hold we were told they were moving us to a King Deluxe room, and off we went to meet the bell boy again for our new keys. This time we took the elevator down to room 1608 and found a room with no offending smell and a beautiful view of the Ohio River. Success! About 40 minutes after we checked in!

Next up, preparing for Sunday. We unpacked our things. Put the toaster in place. Placed food on the desk and tried to remember to sip water in between.

We pinned the bibs on our shirts -- tried them on -- saw they were both pinned up too high and had to lower and re-pin. Next the timing chips had to be attached to our shoes. Finally we were ready. A few calls to John, Jeff, Pam & Elizabeth, and as night fell, we got more and more excited. Placed a wake up call with the front desk and set our cell phones...just to be sure.

Lights out, but then another hour of gabbing before we finally said good night. Let's hope for a good night's sleep...

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