Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend News

Patrice: How'd everyone do this weekend? I ran six on Saturday, and I tried our old route around the trails of Landen Lake, Strawberry Hill & Woodfield...hoping that the snow and ice would be melted. Unfortunately there were still places that were quite icy, especially the hills of Strawberry Hill, but about 80% of the run was good. My time was 56 minutes, which I was happy with considering I had to walk through most of the icy areas.

Elizabeth and I ran for an hour on Sunday. Bike Trail STILL a mess in many places. Not sure how far we went because we couldn't see the trail markers (and we're not good at noticing them anyway without Pam or Amy with us). It was so nice to dress in just one layer and not have to deal with gloves, ear muffs, neck scarves and the freezing temps! Can't wait for an even warmer run this week! Next up: 15 miles downtown on Wednesday :)

Julie here: I ran the 6 on Friday with you all, 3 on Saturday (no time, so I just hoofed it to get something in before my day got away from me), and then 6 with hills at Sharon Woods on Sunday. It felt good to be in the sun. I'm moping today because I don't want to run in the windy cold any more! My body is rebelling!

The lake was filled with people to the point of occasional traffic jams between dogs, children, bicycles, clusters of friends debriefing about Valentine's day, marathoners, short distance runners, and every variety of walker. My least favorite part of THAT run was when a woman clearly older than me sped by me at a pace I couldn't catch, try as I might. She didn't appear to be going faster, but clearly she was! Drove me bananas! Additionally, this woman sported a blonde pony tail of high swingy, ends-all-matching quality while my brunette locks dripped with sweat and hung in disarray. Are ALL blonde runners faster than me? It's a theory I'm working on. Eventually, blondie turned onto a trail and vanished from sight. I thanked the invisible running deities for that small favor.

The path was very well cleared of ice and snow, except for the longest hill of the lake (if you go in the direction of the mile markers). I came up to it on my second pass and there was a veritable cascade of humanity descending it, including a runner with a baby in a three-wheeled running stroller. The narrow asphalt pathway was on my left and so since I was running UP the hill to most people's left (as they made their way down it), they expected ME to chug up the ice, slush and snow on my right. I had to dig the tips of my toes into the slushy ice to keep from slipping backwards. It was hard work and by the top I was completely breathless (and nearly vomiting). But I persevered. As I rounded the corner out of the lake area, to the path along the street, for some hair-brained reason I thought running up ANOTHER hill would be a splendid idea and so I diverted off the flat lake path to the nearly vertical hill with alacrity.

By the top of that one, I felt quite dizzy and quite proud, imagining Patrice's nodding approval. I live for that nod!

Galumphed down it back to the lake path and completed 6. Not record time or anything (66 minutes). Sad about that, but glad to do it anyway.

Today: jury is out whether or not I will run... I want to, sort of. And with that, I'll leave you in suspense.

Patrice here: Alacrity! I love it when you make me look up words! Happy to hear about your hill runs. Good job...nodding approval as I'm typing! :)

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